St. Hacktrick’s Day was Saturday March 16, 2013 

Over 40 coders and 30 educators joined forces at Kean University. With the additional support of  half dozen educator-designers hailing from Singapore to Great Britain who coached teams via G+, we built:

a grand total of 17 prototypes in less than 6 hours of coding time

St. Hacktrick's Day Logo

So, what’s next?

Coder teams have recieved an email asking them to open source and donate their code to New Visions for Public Schools 501(c)3, and to indicate their interest in bringing their projects to a “Production state” for use by educators everywhere. We will keep you posted about these resources as they become available.


Here is a video summary of the day:

Here are photos:

St. Hacktrick’s Day 2013

Our winners, below, will be invited to present their projects at Google NYC to the Docs Engineering team:

Popular Vote: Picture Prompt Generator

Designed by Educator Daniel Scibienski
Coder Team: Infinite Loop = Ashish Nandwani & Krutika Shah

Objective of the project: The picture prompt generator is a tool which allows images from Google Safe Search to be automatically embedded in the top of a new blank Google Doc. Students and other writers can then use the images as inspiration for a variety of writing genres.


Judges’ Choice: Plagiarism Detector

Designed by the coders themselves
Coder Team: Avatar from Stony Brook University = Alice Lin, Basim Baig & Jackie Wei

Objective of the Project: Create a script which detects plagiarism using a similarity algorithm and then ranks multiple Google Documents by originality.


Judges’ Choice: Reshape (Unpivot) Google Form Data for use with Pivot Tables/Graphs

Designed by Educator Ron Turchyniak
Coder Team: import Google* from Stony Brook University = Andrew Ireland, SangWook Lee & Steve Byung Park

Objective of the Project: The current Google «Show Summary of Responses» (The Bar charts and Stats) is based on raw data and cannot be modified/controlled by the user. In order to improve the auto reporting built-in feature set, the data must be manipulated to use more powerful tools like: Fusion Tables, Pivot Tables/Graphs and Tableau.

Data Collector

Reflections and Press about St. Hacktrick’s Day:

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Also visit our G+ Event page where you can have access to over 500 St. Hacktrick’s Day photos.

Big thanks to our participants, to our organizers +Meredith Martin +Dave Zirkle +Daniel Scibienski +Emily Graves +diana potts +Lisa Thumann  and to the Google Apps Script Team and
+Arun Nagarajan +Saurabh Gupta and +Zach Yeskel for their sponsorship and time, without which we could never have pulled off the event.

Also a shout out to +Jeffrey Bradbury for covering the event for his +TeacherCast production.